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This is the blog of The King’s Church Addlestone. The King’s Church started life in 1917 as a children’s outreach. This soon grew into a church that has continued to be a part of the life of Addlestone to this day. Today The King’s Church is a vibrant thriving community of people who’s central focus is Jesus.

The posts on this blog are intended to challenge, build and guide the church and can be used for personal or group study and reflection.

Visit our website at http://www.kingschurchaddlestone.org.uk to find out more about The King’s Church.

Richard Fox, Pastor.



  1. Good to hear that the fellowship in Marsh Lane is still thriving. My name is Bob Taylor and I’m married to Wendy. My parents joined ‘Prairie Mission’ in (I think) 1950/51 and I was brought up within the fellowship until I moved away to University in 1967. My parents moved to Leamingston Spa and it was only when Wendy and I married in 1978 that I moved back to Addlestone (at the time I was teaching at the Meads County Secondary School). We then moved to Woking and I lost touch with the fellowship, but returned a few times just before my wife and I retired from teaching and moved up to King’s Lynn (where I believe Keith Bland was brought up). We now go to a Vineyard church plant in King’s Lynn. We have about thirty regular attenders and seem to attract some of the odder elements in the town (which has some pretty odd elements anyway!). God is blessing the fellowship here and we pray that He is blessing your fellowship in Addlestone. Would love to hear from you and to share our experiences for mutual encouragement.

    Bob Taylor (and Wendy)

    1. Hi Bob,
      Nice to hear from you.
      We are in the middle of an exciting redevelopment project at the church, which we hope will be finished in February. We feel The Lord leading us to use the building to reach out to the local community, and in many ways its really a return to our roots as we look to serve the same type of people Mr Williams did when he started the church nearly 100 years ago.



    2. Hello Bob, or Robert as I knew you. I don’t suppose you remember me – I was Paula Heapy, and I was in the youth group when your parents were at the church, or just about when they wsere moving on. I am hoping to go to the opening service next Saturday. Are you going? It would be great to have a bit of a reunion!

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