Treasure in Jars

I’m sharing what the Holy Spirit spoke through Margaret and Graham on Sunday morning during our worship service. I believe a summary of the message is:

23954840684833p41pwlokrk4l-_sy300_‘Our lives are like a set of stacking bowl. The Lord wants us to take the bowls out from each other and allow each one to be filled with the Holy Spirit rather than only have them filled while they are still inside each other. Each bowl is like an area or compartment of our lives and we need to take the lid of off each bowl so that each and every part of our lives can be filled with the Holy Spirit. We are to lay the fullness of our lives before God and ask Him to fill every area with the Holy Spirit.’

bowlset10pcavs10Let us actively invite the Holy Spirit into the many and various areas of our lives. Rather than just say ‘come Holy Spirit’ let us actively and specifically pray ‘come Holy Spirit into my thought life’ or ‘Holy Spirit fill my relationship with my daughter’ or ‘Holy Spirit come into every area of my work.’ I’m sure you get the idea!

Eph5:18 ‘Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.’


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